• To promote, co-ordinate and facilitate cancer and cancer-related research
  • To strengthen basic, clinical, epidemiological, translational and interdisciplinary research
  • To assist in the development of learner-centric educational and training programmes related to cancer and public health
  • To enhance health systems and services for cancer prevention and control


  • Providing a greater understanding of the aetiology of cancer within South Africa and on the African continent;
  • Improving risk profiling for surveillance and monitoring;
  • Fostering innovative approaches to integrative cancer medicine;
  • Developing cost-effective and readily available diagnostic and prognostic technologies;
  • Discovering new therapies and enhancing current therapies for cancer treatment;
  • Increasing research capacity and the technical skills of our scientists, clinicians and other health-care professionals;
  • Strengthening health systems and services within the cancer domain;
  • Ensuring knowledge dissemination and public awareness of cancer prevention and management; and finally
  • Formulating evidence-based policy for cancer prevention, management and control.