What our MPhil Cancer Science students have to say

Hear what these students’ experience of the MPhil Cancer Science Programme is like so far.



“I have found the first semester course modules interesting and timely. I, being a medical doctor and Specialist in Oncology found these course modules helpful in consolidating my understanding of carcinogenesis and broad principles of oncology case management. It has broadened my scope and expanded my horizons on Cancer Science, especially in epidemiology, etiology, pathophysiology and general management of malignant diseases.

Most interesting is the Biostatistics and Cancer Epidemiology aspects of the course modules which have really added to my knowledge of research and opened new frontiers for me in the field of cancer research. Even though the mathematics and applied question in the assignments and exams in these two modules are somewhat difficult, I was able to learn and grasp the principles.

The online planning, organisation and delivery of the lectures were quite encouraging especially the Professors, doctors and lecturers who were all well experienced, skilled, and academically sound, which made the lectures more interesting.

Finally, it was a rare privilege and opportunity for us to participate in this programme and interact with the course conveners, who are academics of the highest standard, and equally my course mates from different parts of Africa. It was indeed a worthy experience.” ~ Abba Ali Tijjani MD, Nigeria


“The first semester was a great one. The program has a good theoretical component. The lecturer’s assistance with published articles to back our studies is highly commendable. These provide a lot of insights into the module or concept. The lecturer’s willingness for further engagement after class is superb. The knowledge transfer was good for both in-person meetings and the self-learning approach. Personally, the cancer tumour physiology was well understood and very easy to adapt. Overall, the modules have deepened my knowledge of Cancer Science and I would love to learn more.” ~ Isabella Sannette Agyekum, Ghana